The real estate market in the Sunny Beach is attractive

Sunny Beach is the most significant and largest Bulgarian resort on the southern coast of the Black Sea. The resort is located between the town of Nessebar and the town of Saint Vlas in a rainbow-shaped bay overlooking the south. There are excellent beach with nice climatically and natural conditions. These factors made the resort one of the most favorite tourist’s destination.

Favorable climate

It is warm and sunny in the summer. The temperature of the air is between 26 and 30 degrees and the temperature of the sea water is averages 20 – 23 degrees. Further, there are excellent environmental and natural conditions. Also there is more than ten kilometres beach curve, which wide is 60-150 m in any places.

Attractive and abounding real estate market

The real estate market for the vacation property is abounding. There are wide variety of apartments for sale. There are many opportunites that are appropriate for the each taste. There is great choice of properties like studios, apartments with one-two or three bedrooms. So, you may choose studios, one- or two bedroom apartments, suitable for permanent and seasonal use, and also for rent. There are luxury complexes with villas, townhouses and apartments offering small private beaches or places to relax by the pool. Commercial properties are also in high demand. Supermarkets, bars, souvenir shops, and fast food restaurants quickly return their investment.

For living or for rent

Before you decide to buy a property in Sunny Beach, determine the purpose of the acquisition. It is worth to buy apartmrnt for investment. During the season, due to the excellent infrastructure, it is profitable to rent apartments to tourists. People come to the resort all summer to get rid of the routine, to enjoy the sea, the food, the high quality service.The residential buildings are built using modern technologies from high quality materials. They are made in accordance with European build standards.

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