Fit-out or Build-To-Suit – the choice of the project manager

Relocating, expanding, changing the shapes and/or the colors, modernizing – these are some of the inevitable milestones of every enterprise’s existence. Time is not supposed to freeze so not a thing and no one stands still for a long time – or whoever does, stands still forever. This is only a starting point to realize the nature and the purpose of project management Bulgaria is unaware yet regarding the biggest part of the business. Calculating the expenses and organizing all the work that needs to be performed comes after that.

Getting to a stage when your enterprise is about to go on a different level – pushed by outside conditions or driven by inside incentive, gets you or the project manager to think of the possibilities to proceed. In project management Bulgaria has plenty of examples when a company follows the fit-out pattern. Either relocating or expanding, the business looks to grow and thrive on different soil and the goal of the project manager is to find an existing site meeting the requirements or more likely – one that is close enough to allow achievement of the desired result. It might be hard to find a space that fits perfectly to your needs and have all the necessary systems built in, organizing and calculating is a headache too.

Another approach known as Built-To-Suit initiates the process from entirely different perspective. The requirements of the company are set first and only after that, the search for a contractor starts to make the plans reality. It means that the scheme will follow your standards and needs and everything has to be built the way you want it. A relatively rare practice of project management Bulgaria is turning to more and more recently. It’s important to notice that the project is initiated by a subject that is a tenant and not landlord/owner – the agreement between those two sides is mandatory. It suggests also a long-term relationship so an advice from experts like the ones we have at Forton is highly recommended.

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