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Are you looking for an office carpet cleaning in London? CleaningSure will help you!

Office carpets are the unsung heroes of the carpet world. Often chosen for their cheapness, colour or convenience they have to put up with careless footsteps grinding them down on a daily basis. CleaningSure whether covered with coffee stains around the snack machine or worn down from the relentless rubbing of office chair wheels, the office carpet can quickly become more than a little worse for wear.

At CleaningSure we understand how to bring a little joy back into the office carpet’s life. We know that regular vacuuming will help to keep ground in dirt under control. More importantly, we understand that whilst certain carpets will benefit from a stiff brushing, others will crumble under the assault of a heavy broom and will need a gentler approach. Finally the CleaningSure Carpet team have a secret weapon, steam cleaning, which will lift dirt and stains from most carpets and carpet tiles.

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Our carpet team believe that keeping your office carpets in good condition is their way of helping to contribute to the success of your business. They take pride in helping to keep your reception area looking and smelling good to provide a good impression to your customers. The CleaningSure cleaners get great job satisfaction from cleaning the office carpet and removing spill stains helping your employees to take pride in their workplace.

Arranging for your office carpets to be cleaned couldn’t be simpler. A quick telephone call to us on 020 7971 1145 will start the process. Whether you require an emergency clean or a regular clean our friendly telephone team will help to arrange a carpet cleaning schedule which minimises disruption within your office. This could be a regular vacuum clean on a daily or weekly basis topped up with a monthly steam clean; or alternatively our emergency cleaners could be dispatched to help you to recover from damage caused by a party or refurbishment work. We are happy to work at any time to suit your office processes. For larger offices we appoint a supervisor to liaise with you and help to ensure your office carpet clean runs smoothly.

CleaningSure understands that your internal processes or insurance contract may require documentation for the carpet clean. We can provide you with copies of our health and safety document, risk assessment and cleaning methodology. Multi-occupancy offices containing quantities of electrical equipment will require an individual assessment particularly if we are to steam clean. This assessment will include whether equipment is to be moved prior to our visit and earmark areas which should be left uncleaned due to potential electrical hazards.

Apart from office carpet cleaning we can offer a full office cleaning service. So whether your regular cleaner is ill or on holiday and you need an emergency replacement or if you are simply looking for a complete office cleaning contract our team of cleaners are ready for your call.

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