A Natural Neck Pain Solution

Neck pain could be indeed a pain the neck, if you know what I mean.

When it strikes, it is good to be prepared with some of the best remedies. And what could be better than a piece of grandmother’s recipes for natural relief, which LondonNorthCounselling.co.uk will tell you. Natural rosemary oil is good for neck pain treatment. Externally used this oil warms the muscles of the neck and eases the blood flow by vasodilatation. Put a mixture of rosemary oil and other essential oils such as: almond, jojoba, or avocado in your palms – LondonNorthCounselling.co.uk guarantees you that only the smell of these oils will be enough. Try not to pour more than five drops of each, then massage gently and cover your neck with a scarf.

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