Why is mini facelift in London the new hit

As a form of cosmetic surgery, a facelift is just that – surgery.
Yet while the fact that it is indeed a significant medical procedure should
not be ignored, a new form of the procedure performed in London at faceneckliftsurgeon.co.uk makes tightening your sagging skin simpler and easier to achieve than ever before.

Known in the medical world as a rhytidectomy, the typical procedure involves removing sagging skin, tissue and fat cells from the face and stretching what remains over the affected area to help remove wrinkles
and smooth contours to help achieve a younger looking appearance.

Depending on the individual, it can often be a very involved, invasive
surgical procedure that can be costly and involve significant rehabilitation and recovery time.

Recently, however, a less invasive, less costly and often equally
effective procedure known as a mini facelift by Faceneckliftsurgeon.co.uk has evolved that has become a popular alternative for everyday people who are seeking the same
results as those celebrities who are able to afford Hollywood plastic
surgeons. This approach involves the same basic principles as a
typically rhytidectomy, yet it is less invasive, involves less recovery
time and is less costly for the patient.

The mini facelift is typically able to be performed in the office of a cosmetic surgeon and does not require a hospital stay. It usually takes less than two hours and can be performed under local anesthesia, with
other forms of medications being available to the patient to help ensure a comfortable, pain-free experience.

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