How kri kri ibex hunt changes your life?

Kri kri ibex is an animal which as actually not a wild goat, but a feral domestic goat, brought to the greek island Crete during the time of the Minoan civilization.

Maybe it sounds strange that so many years this animal has preserved itself – but we are sure you won’t be surprised to hear that its kind is under many threats. Nowadays you can meet hybrids of kri kri ibex breed all over Greece, but only at protected areas, which are souple of islands like the Sapienrza island – there are still pure species of kri kri ibex goats. In todays article you will find more interesting facts about the breed, also about kri kri ibex hunt at Greece, but maybe the most important thing you will read is how kri kri ibex hunt will change your life forever.
How kri kri ibex hunt changes your life?
First thing fist though – kri kri ibex hunt by krikrihunt is organized by many organizations like the one we will present to you in the next few sentences – At this website you will get more information about how kri kri ibex hunt is being organized and how it actually saves this animals from extinction. Well, this is the part where kri kri ibex hunt may change your life. For example – during the World War II – kri kri ibex hunt was not legalized but this animal was the only edible species in the mountains so during this hungry and misarable period – kri kri ibex species has become threatened.
How kri kri ibex hunt changes your life?
So UNESCO got under its protection the areas where kri kri ibex goats lives and the hunting season is only two month per year, so this is a balance between humans and animals which were found a few years ago.
If you want to learn more about this breed – you will have to visit the official website – – where all information you will need to sign up for this unknown experience kri kri ibex hunt is placed.

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