Bulgarian aronia wine for sale on Ferma-shayen.com

I do not know a person who isn’t a lover of a glass of admirable wine of fine vintage at dinner. In the summer, when we need a cooling effect, we have a good chardonnay or sauvignon blanc with ice, on the beach we are looking for a refreshing effect with a cocktail of roses, while the winter when it’s cold, we are looking for a drink to warm us up, namely the blood-red wine.

Bulgarian aronia wine for sale on Ferma-shayen.com

It is no accident that the holiday of Valentine’s Day and the celebration of the grapes and wine in Bulgaria – Trifon Zarezan is on the same date. Red wine and love go hand in hand.

I do not know a person who does not appreciate when the wine has an irreproachable pure taste and a light fruity aroma that awakens each of our five senses.

Try something new and interesting, familiar to Bulgarian culture – the Aronia wine. In fact, the origin of the Aronia comes from North America. This fruit is unique – it contents a huge amount of vitamins, among which is vitamin P. These valuable Aronia berries contain within themselves carotene, microchemical elements such as iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and molybdenum.

Aronia wine can be ordered from the online store of Ferma-shayen.com, which offers 100% licensed products. All vegetables, fruits and drinks are delivered directly from the manufacturer, which is Farm Shayen.

Red wine of aronia is suitable for diabetics, people with cardiovascular diseases and thyroid problems. These fruits are rich in many beneficial ingredients and their advantage is that they do not lose their beneficial properties after the treatment necessary for the preparation of the wine.

Check out more about Farm Shayen produce on their Ferma-shayen.com site and order Aronia wine online by Farm Shayen or call 0894663102.

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