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Today, choosing a bathroom sink is a task that could be quite difficult for any of us, whether we live in Greater Londonor not.
This is because of the variety of models. It is too big and, if you are not a professional, you can hardly judge for yourself which is the best choice for a bathroom sink.

Installation of bathroom sink – Bathroom fitters for Kingston upon Thames:

If your sink is already selected, installation should be carried out. It is advisable to install the hob first, if any, and then proceed to the sink itself. This step is necessary because of the convenience that such a solution offers. This reduces the overall work and makes things much easier.

In order to determine the correct position of a bathroom sink, the leading role here is played by the fittings. It is necessary to cut an additional hole in the workpiece, but this is done only in cases where there is no hole in the worktop. If there is one, it is appropriate to proceed without cutting. Now it’s time to install the sink. When this happens, the contours are marked immediately.

If the installation is carried out by a person with little experience, he must follow the following instructions:
The installation starts by moving the cutting line of the jigsaw.
The movement is inward with the width of the edge that covers it.
To avoid mistakes, before cutting, look carefully and accurately assess whether the desktop is exactly in the right place in all directions, the specialists from Maximore are categorical.
Holes are drilled in each corner.

These holes are preferably 100 mm in diameter. This is where the jigsaw is placed.

Caution: great concentration is required when installing a sink, as the worktop could be torn off very easily. Then additional troubles are created and the installation becomes more complicated. If you want to ensure that everything with the installation of your bathroom sink will be fine, then contact the specialists – Bathroom fitters in Kingston upon Thames.

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